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Book, authored:

  • [forthcoming 2021] Global Religious Networks from East Asia, Amsterdam University Press.

Book, edited:

  • 2012. Cimino, Richard P., Nadia A. Mian, and Weishan Huang. Ecologies of Faith In New York City, Bloomington, Indiana University Press.


Journal papers and book chapters:​

  • 2022. (forthcoming) “Secularity and Urban Gentrification: An Spatial Analysis of Downtown Buddhist Temples in Shanghai”, Journal of Space and Culture. 

  • 2022. (forthcoming) “Xin in the Discourse on Conversion among Tzuchians in Shanghai”, in From Trustworthiness to Secular Beliefs–Changing Concepts of xin 信 from Traditional to Modern Chinese, ed. Philip Clark and Christian Meyer. Brill.

  • 2021. Mayfair Yang and Weishan Huang, “Buddhist environmentalism and civic engagement in the secular Shanghai” in Chinese Religio-Environmentalism Ethics and Practice, edited by Mayfair Yang. Rowman & Littlefield.

  • 2021. “The Sinicization of Buddhism and its Competing Reinventions of Tradition” in Sinicization of Religion, ed. by Richard Madsen. Brill. pp. 64-85.

  • 2021. “Rethinking Religion in Urban Planning in Shanghai”, Journal of Planning Theory & Practice. in the Special Issue of Rethinking Religion and Secularism in Urban Planning. ed. Babak Manouchehrifar and John Forester. 

  • 2020 <都市佛教新貌:關於都市志願服務興起和以寺院為中心的義工的一些思考>《遊諸四衢,饒益眾生:都市佛教的弘化模式》,觉醒主编。北京,宗教文化出版社。 129-138頁。

  • 2019 “Urban Restructuring and the Study of Temple Agencies”, in Buddhism in the Post-Mao China, ed. Ji Zhe, Andre Laliberte, and Garth Fisher, University of Hawaii Press, pp. 370-403.

  • 2019 “Globalization as Tactic -- Legal Practices of the Falun Gong Diaspora”, in Concepts and Methods for the Study of Chinese Religions III: Religion in Practice in Contemporary China, ed. Paul Katz, Stefania Travagnin, Walther de Gruyter, Germany, pp. 233-256.

  • 2019 <閔行區龍音寺田野筆記-試從比丘尼訪談敘述分析佛教復興的政治與宗教邏輯> 《禪與人類文明研究》,香港中文大學出版社. (“An Attempt to Understand the Political and Religious Legitimacy of Buddhist Recovery in Peripheral Shanghai”, International Journal for the Study of Chan Buddhism and Human Civilization, issue 4: 103–118).

  • 2018 “The Place of Socially Engaged Buddhism in China - the Emerging Religious Identity in the Local Community of Urban Shanghai”, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, No. 25: 531-568.

  • 2018 “From Structural Separation to Religious Incorporation - A Case Study of a Transnational Buddhist Group in Shanghai, China”, in Asian Migrants and Religious Experience - Transnational Religious Mobility, ed. Bernardo E. Brown, Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Amsterdam University Press, pp. 129-151.

  • 2017 “Public Buddhist Philosophy: Civil Engagement and Discursive Space among a Religious Group in Shanghai”, in Judging the State: Emerging Publics and the Quest for Justice in Contemporary China. ed. Susanne Brandtstädter, Hans Steinmüller (London: Routledge), pp. 124-138.

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  • 2016 “The Bodhisattva Comes Out of the Closet: City, Surveillance, and Doing Religion” (Re-published in Chinese). In Ji Zhe, ed. Daniela Compo, Wang Qiyuan, Ershi shiji Zhongguo fojiao de liangci fuxing (二十世紀中國佛教的兩次復興), (Shanghai: Fudan daxue chubanshe), pp. 213-232.

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Religious Responses to Gentrification and Neighborhood Ethnic Diversity” CrossCurrents, 58(3):441-455.

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